News Letter


he office of PIPINIS REAL ESTATE allocates most capable and experienced collaborators (Civil Engineers, Architects, Lawyers, Notaries etc) that are devotional in the effective management and repair of your properties that you possess in Greece. Our objective is to give solutions to any financial problem, that you might have in Greece, responsibly, qualitatively and fast enough without stress for you. After your call or your email message, the PIPINIS REAL ESTATE office informs you : 

 1) For the cost of works (renovations and modernisations of your property).

 2) For the value of land plots but also of homes in any part of Greece. 

 3) Our estimate if it deserves you to deal with the property. 

 4) For her control of your investment in case of any maintenance work. 

 5) For the choice of tenants with better profit for you and with less deterioration for your property.

 6) For a quick time of completion entrust us.

You will be our publicity after the completion of your case.

Pipinis Stamatis MANAGER